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Haining Sinolen Textile Co., Ltd, was founded in April,2015 ,located in Haining city,Zhejiang Province. Haining city, the cradle of famous people, is well known for the spectacular tides and convenient in transportation, which is bounded by metropolis city Shanghai and fairly close to the port of Zhapu. The manufacturing and distribution center of warp knitted products, and the best location which makes us can reach the main technical yarn manufacturer about one hour drive. Sinolen, with its business scopes as textile and technical yarn related products(such as :PET chip, Technical Polyester Yarn, Polyamide 6 & 66, High Tenacity Polypropylene ,UHMPE fiber, Aramid, Monofilament Yarn , warp knitted and weaving fabric etc.),has a professional  team with many years sales experience and technical support, focusing on the technical yarn  related business and service.

For better service to our customers in Europe, we have our sister company Isolen GmbH registered in Undenheim, Germany ,which is 30 minutes drive distance from Frankfurt airport , and our warehouse covered in Hamburg seaport and Scandinavian area.

We can be easily reached by local contact anytime when you have any questions and inquiries.

Under the key principle as “achieving mutual benefits via efficient cooperation, pursuing optimization through value-added project” and by continuous efforts, Sinolen aims to be excellent solution partner of technical fiber related products.

Haining Sinolen Textile Co., Ltd, a young company full of vitality, sincerely hopes to work together with you .

Haining Sinolen Textile Co., Ltd